Mahishasur Mardini

The Story of the Goddess Durga - Kathak dancers from Pandit Birju Maharaj’s Kalashram combined with theatrical performers from the Kala Academy in Goa to perform this dramatic tale of universal war between the gods and demons!

  • Starring: Asavari Pawar as the Goddess Durga and her father Guru Shri Pratap Pawar as Mahishasur.
  • Choreography: Guru Shri Pratap Pawar
  • Music and Lyrics: Pandit Vishwa Prakash
  • Costume design: Padmashree Shobha Deepak Singh

The story of Durga

The mighty asura (demon) Mahisha was so devout in his meditation and devotion to Brahma that the great god granted him a boon — that no man or god would be able to defeat him. Mahishasura exploited this by unleashing cosmic war on the Three Worlds of heaven, earth and the world below. All of the gods were driven out of heaven; and even when the mighty trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh sided with the gods, they too were defeated.

The gods came together and created between them a dazzling beam of light, out of which was born the goddess Durga.

The embodiment of feminine and creative energy, Shakti, Durga was created to be the ‘Mahishasur Mardini’, the nemenis or slayer of the demon Mahisha. For Brahma’s gift protected the demon king from men and gods, but not from the fierce goddess...

Depicted with many hands, wielding different weapons, and riding on a lion, Durga leads an army into a battle of nine days, in which Mahishasura’s army is cut to shreds. On the tenth day, the goddess defeats and kills her demon opponent, and peace is restored to the Three Worlds.