Echoes of the Valley

Pratap Pawar Triveni Dance Co. presented an unusual combination of the dynamism of Pratap Pawar’s Kathak dancing and the devotional and romantic strings of the Santoor to celebrate 20 years of India cultural contribution to London.

Delhi-based Pandit Bhajan Sopori, a Santoor player and composer known for his prolific work and his background music for film and TV, created magical and haunting music for this event.

The evening was choreographed by Pratap Pawar and guest choreographer Akram Khan, and included a specially choreographed piece: Panchatatva - The Five Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Space).

  • Artistic Direction/Choreography - Guru Pratap Pawar
  • Musical Composition - Pandit Bhajan Sopori
  • Guest Choreography - Akram Khan
  • Tabla - Sanju Sahai
  • Dancers - Crishna, Camlita & Balbir Singh
  • Design & Lights - Tom Castle