Launch of book on Kathak Guru Pratap Pawar

On January 13, 2011, over 150 culturatti of Delhi turned up, including many gurus, dancers and media for the launch of book 'My Journey in Dance: Guru Pratap Pawar' by Ashish Mohan Khokar. Dr Karan Singh, President of ICCR and H.E Shri Suresh Goel, DG-ICCR, sat till the end of the 2 hour event. Shanta Serbjeet Singh, most evolved and experienced senior critic and commentator, initiated the evening, conducted by ace compere Sadhana Shrivastav.

Performances included a show in Delhi where Guruji released Guru Pratap Pawar book titled My Journey in Dance on 13th January 2011 in Triveni Kala Sangam presided by Dr Karan Singh, President of ICCR and H.E Shri Suresh Goel, DG-ICCR. Subsequently, we performed in Neemrana Fort palace (Rajasthan), Kathak sandhya in Lucknow and Mumbai.

The Triveni had a festive air right from entrance where high tea was enjoyed by many and as parting gift, Lohri eats were given to all. The entire evening had small, elegant touches and was unique in details and choreography. The 5 dancers from London did two items, Shiva Stuti and Tarana, while the subject of the book, Guru Pratap Pawar showcased his tayari under doyen Guru Birju Maharaj, whose son Jaikishen Maharaj conducted the evening.

A message from the President of India was read out and Dr. Karan Singh lauded Ashish Khokar's effort in dance documentation and education. DG-ICCR stated that such events brought global cultures on one platform. Shanta Serbjeet Singh reminded people of the power of the written word and stated that what institutions could not achieve, an individual had shown the way.

Ambassadors, gurus Geetanjali Lal, Raja-Radha Reddy family, Pratibha Prahlad family, Bhaswati Misra family, Tirath Ajmani, Amjad Ali Khan's message, completed the exquisite evening. All went home with memory of a bygone era and the energy of new one coming.