Annual summer tour of India 2010

Guru Pratap Pawar had conducted a master dance class in kathak at "Kathack Kandra", Lucknow, organized by the director of "Kandra" and "Sangeet Natak academy U.P " Neelam Ahlavat. This was followed by Guru pratap pawar solo performance for the pack audiences of seated 700 in the presence of guest of honour "Minister of Culture U.P."

Indore: Contducted master-class for a week, for a kartik kala academy run by Dr Suchitra Harmalkar. Finishing with the public performance at Mai Mangeshkar hall (the hall is named at mother of Lata Mangeshkar).

Ujjain: Performed solo along with the selected group from indore, in a famous festival of "Shravan" at one of the most accicent temple "Maha Kaleshwar" mander.

New Dehli: Also performed in Mumbai, new delhi at National programme on Door-darshan (the National Television).

"Naman to a dancing legend"

City Pioneer, Lucknow (2010) - Pratap held the audience spell-bound from teh very beginning when he started out with the Shw Stuti and the ram Vandana. But what got the applause was his depiction of his favourite "veer ras". his jugalbandi with tabla had the audience hankering for more. "It is my personal experience that you put in your soul in the dance and then you get the right mode." said the dancer while addressing the audience.