Riaz Rhemtulla

Graduated with a degree in Science and Drama from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Currently under the further tutelage of Guru Pratap Pawar (Triveni Dance Company), where Riaz has been training in Kathak for four years.

Work with students

Riaz has taught Drama, Mathematics and Science to students of all ages in schools and has directed and produced student productions of:

  • Hamlet
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Peter Pan
  • Anansi the spider (West African stories)

Professional experience

Productions directed and taken part in:

  • Conference of the birds by Attar (played the character of the hoopoe bird)
  • Hayy ibn Yaqzan by Ibn Tufayl – a Moorish story from the 12th century (played the part of Hayy)
  • King Lear (played the part of King Lear)