Akram Khan

"I had lots of identity issues while growing up as an immigrant in UK but Guruji Pratap Pawar made my life easier and meaningful. He is a great guru, soft and hard at the same time. He gives 200% to his students and Im a living example. When I wanted to do creative, contemporary work, he adviced: Akram dont mix mdoern in Kathak; you may use Kathak for modern work. This advice has helped me over the years. Today, I give much credit to him because when I was young, he took me everywhere and showcased me and got me blessings of many great gurus and critics in India, where it matters."

Akram Khan is a young Muslim of Bangladeshi heritage, born in the UK. Schooled in the 500-year-old dance tradition of Kathak at The Academy of Indian Dance, under the tutelage of world renowned guru, Sri Pratap Pawar, he attained his performing arts degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Since an early age, he has danced for such luminaries as Ravi Shankar, Peter Brook and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 1999 he collaborated with the British choreographer Jonathan Burrows and was been seen on Channel 4’s ‘Performance’. Akram has just completed an international choreographic project in Brussels called the X Group. His time in the project was spent developing the dance material for Rush.

In August 2000, Akram launched his own company, the Akram Khan Company, with a movement style he describes as ‘Contemporary Kathak’.